What is White-Label-Banking?

The implementation of promising financial ideas usually calls for a banking license. However, you can also do without a banking license of your own thanks the White-Lable-Offering of flatex Bank AG.

White-Lable services and products are state of the art processes in many markets. Ranging from food to software, the basic idea remains the same: a highly-specialized producer fabricates a given product or service which will be brought to the market place under a different label. This gives way to economies of scale both on the side of the producer as well as for the marketer.

The same is true for the white-label offering of flatex Bank AG: We use our banking license to promote the ideas of our customers and support them with the latest technology as well as years of process experience. We work with them, in an open and transparent way and in all possible solutions, so as to implement the idea while respecting the regulatory and legal requirements.

Ultimately, we supply the banking processes in the background, and our partners can concentrate fully on the market launch of their financial product.

Examples White-Label Offering:

  • Brokerage
  • Securities Services
  • Credit Servicing
  • ATM Servicing
  • Routing & Settlement


Our White-Label-Customers