Top-Performance in Trading

flatex Bank AG owns and operates one of Europe’s most powerful securities transactions systems. With more than 11,2 Mio. executed trades (as of 2017) we a top player in Germany.

This is why Online Brokerage is presently the biggest business segment at flatex Bank AG. Not only do we provide backend and execution processes for our partners, who are working in the B2C market – we also deliver valuable for professional and heavy traders.

The popular online broker flatex, Europe’s fastest growing trading plattform, and ViTrade, a specialist for professional traders, are both brands of FinTech Group AG.

Our technology scales up easily. This why also other banks and white-label partners can benefit from it.

Brokerage products and services:

Account and portfolio management

  • Euro and currency accounts
  • Opening of online accounts and portfolios
  • Financing (collateral credit)

Securities types, routing pathways and depositories

  • Trading in shares, bonds, CFDs, funds, futures, warrants, currencies (FX trading) and certificates
  • Direct member of all the German stock exchanges, routing of orders to foreign stock markets via Prime Broker UBS
  • Depositaries: CBF, CBL, KAGs, UBS


  • Account portfolio management (e.g., account transfers, payment transactions, reporting)
  • All corporate measures (e.g. exchange, mergers)
  • Corporate actions (e.g. Annual General Meetings)
  • Earnings (e.g. interest, dividends)

Stock market trading

  • Germany: XETRA, EUREX, all German stock exchanges, Tradegate, Gettex
  • Europe: NYSE Euronext, and the most important European stock exchanges
  • North America: NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange


  • CBF
  • CBL
  • KAG
  • UBS


OTC Direct Trade

  • Connection of the main platforms: LOX, XOL, ICOM, Tradelink, CATS, Force
  • Currently, a total of 24 trading partners (issuers)
  • Extensive OTC business (presently 24 trading platforms)

CFD and FX trading via your contractors

  • CFD trading on Commerzbank
  • Currency trading (FX trading) via Commerzbank/ FXflat

Emission processing

  • Admissions and securitisation process
  • Listing
  • Technical management
  • Coordination of the subscription process


  • Paying agent services
  • Processing of corporate actions

Clearing and settlement services

  • Stock market transaction processing
  • OTC transaction processing
  • Fund settlement