This pays off

We gladly offer the complete takeover of a client's payments - under their sort codes, of course.

Our portfolio comprises any form of payments communication, from a simple document to electronic media.

Since the process of handling our payment transactions is highly automated, we can ensure an efficient, safe and professional handling of payment traffic. In addition, we enable our clients to handle their payments over a web branch authority. We already offer any kind of SEPA compliance through an account held by us.


  • Secure, fast and cost-effective processing of all payments
  • Customized solutions for payments
  • Efficient handling of electronic banking
  • Convenience and flexibility through a variety of additional services
  • Operation of regulated business models under our own liability umbrella (Keyword: ZAG)

Services at a glance

  • Account management: Current accounts, fiduciary collective customer accounts, foreign currency accounts (account information in SWIFT- and camt-formats also available intraday)
  • Complete SEPA-payment for transactions and direct debits
  • SEPA client management
  • International payments services available via partnerships
  • Warrant models to manage different signatories and account access rights
  • Distributed electronic signatures
  • Customization, projecting of banking services for business models possible, supported by IT solutions developed FinTech Group AG if need be

Filing options

  • Via Internet (EBICS) with own payment applications, EBICS clients of third parties, as well as standardized ordering requests acc. to the dial-up agreement
  • Via our payment web branch
  • By mail or fax