These ideas are worth money

We offer corporate clients two services that optimize and simplify cash supply and disposal:

Early Value: the Account machine

We are the only bank in Germany that offers early on-site value dating for retail and catering. Banknotes can be deposited directly on-site in the “flatex Bank AG Account machine“ – saving time and freeing up staff resources.

After entering the bills into the "Account machine", the amount is recorded on the online flatex Bank AG business customer's account. Thanks to the instant credit entry, our customers profit from interest and liquidity benefits. The cash will be picked up at regular intervals by our partner Prosegur.

Cost savings

  • Interest benefit through immediate crediting of all deposits to your bank account
  • Save time and staff capacity by avoiding manual counting of cash
  • Cost savings through targeted and less frequent trips by cash-in-transit operators
  • No need to explain discrepancies as in the case of manual cash counting


  • Permanent transportation of cash
  • Logging
  • Receipt printing: Receipt in hand – money in the bank
  • Staff are not responsible for cash any longer than necessary
  • No access to money holdings after deposit
  • No discrepancies when handing over cash to the cash-in-transit operator
  • Stock control through monitoring

Coin supply and disposal: flatex Bank AG Exchange cashpoint

The offer of the exchange cashpoint makes the time-consuming, expensive process of exchanging loose coins or bank notes into rolled coins at the Bundesbank efficient and affordable. As part of the exchange cashpoint, we combine many small amounts, which continually calculates the exchange. We provide this service with our partner Prosegur

The benefits of the exchange cashpoint at a glance:

  • Nationwide coin supply and disposal
  • Clear ownership and transfer of liability
  • Coins subject to the account of the legal deposit guarantee (trade)
  • Auditing expenses of the customers eliminated
  • Customers pools are unnecessary
  • Simple processing with MyProsegur/CashEDI
  • Linkage of IT procedures and processes between flatex Bank AG and Prosegur always guarantees unique ownership allocation of the money
  • Central control of processes across all cash centre
  • Daily exchange cash selection & extensive online reporting
  • The "exchange cashpoint" cooperation model has been presented to BaFin by flatex Bank AG
  • The processes are revised according to banking practice (BDO)