Stationary and Mobile ATMs

FinTech Group Bank AG operates two attractive ATM services to its partners: firstly, the operation of ATMs for corporate customers, secondly, the operation of mobile ATMs for concerts, festivals and other events.

ATMs for corporate client

Our corporate clients take the opportunity to establish a cash machine on-site as a service to employees or customers. We take care of everything here, from the regulatory application and operation of the machines to their installation and monitoring, and even refilling and technical maintenance.

Mobile ATM

With our partner Prosegur, Germany's leading cash logistics company, we operate Germany's first truly mobile ATMs. This is a converted armoured truck that can go from event to event and offers organizers many advantages.

Advantages for retail, partner banks and organizers

  • Revenue: He who has more money to hand can spend more
  • Services: Nothing is more annoying for visitors than cash running low with no ATM nearby.
  • Flexibility: The machine can be set up where it is best for you and your guests - it only needs a power supply. The machine has its own access to the Internet for account queries.
  • Security: The processing of payments through the mobile ATM is totally safe and is guaranteed through us and Prosegur GmbH.

Model 1

ATMs serviced by FinTech Group Bank AG can be branded on the outside and the screen interface with your individual look & feel.

Model 2

Neutrally appearing ATMs serviced by FinTech Group Bank AG can display your individual screen interface, which shows upon activation.