We fulfil your wishes

Our client services include reliable fulfilment services.

In addition to the generation of iTANs and passwords that are sent in envelopes and posted to customers, this also includes the delivery of letters to customers such as:

  • Money market account investment confirmation letter
  • Fixed deposit investment confirmation letter
  • Change of address confirmation letter
  • Confirmation letter to spouses when detecting online FSA
  • Security transaction statements
  • Collective confirmations
  • Annual tax certificate
  • Receipt for the deposit or removal authority
  • Account closure (confirmation, final summary)

We report, you save your resources

The regulatory requirements for banks have been growing steadily in recent years.

We assist financial institutions by taking over reporting. Above all, the advantage for small and medium-sized banks is that they avoid the high temporal and personnel expenses connected with the fulfilment of legal reporting requirements and can thus focus on their core business.

As part of the reporting system, we perform the following tasks:

  • Setting up accounts and data in reporting forms
  • Final production (printing and generation of forms)
  • Message delivery (shipping and submission via Deutsche Bundesbank's extraNET)
  • Secure storage (backup storage and reporting capabilities)

Positive side effect: all partner-provided data may be used for individually defined reports. Thus, mandatory reporting data collected by the partner can be used efficiently.