Innovative Credit Solutions

flatex Bank AG celebrates innovative ideas. We are currently working with our partners in the implementation of some projects in the consumer credit area.

Among others, we are servicing the innovative “flatex flex-credit” for the online broker flatex, a unit of FinTech Group AG.

“flatex flex” is a convenient and simple alternative to regular current account overdraft lines and is presently at 4.9% p.a. interest. Just as with other overdraft lines, drawdowns and duration are entirely flexible and up to the individual customer. They also decide what to use the additional financial wiggle room for – be its consumption expenses of additional trading leverage.

The provisioning is free for the customers and does not entail any postal paper-based correspondence. Many of flatex’ customers benefit from additional financial means.

We are also specialized in the following financing areas:

Collateral loans

We offer our customers short- to medium-term loans in exchange for putting up collateral in the form of pledged securities. Our customers can apply for their collateral loans either in writing or quickly and conveniently by filing an online application via our web branch.

Public-sector loans

flatex Bank AG grants public-sector loans to towns and municipalities either directly or through a broker. These are loans with fixed credit amounts and a term of max. twelve months, and with a fixed interest rate until the agreed repayment date.


Through our innovative Heimatinvest platform, loans from citizens, called citizen's loans, are awarded to municipalities indirectly. A loan by a citizen is a public-sector loan (or cash credit), which the municipality wants to take out and uploads to the Heimatinvest credit platform for this purpose.