No small measures for small businesses

As a long-term partner, flatex Bank AG supports and coordinates all capital markets transactions and assists in mergers and acquisitions. We provide expert advice to SMEs on site, via our representative BankM office, as well as through our processing partners, for example Jucho & Coll. For us, the word 'partner' is not an empty phrase, but an obligation. Therefore, we attach great importance to serious, sustainable consulting - short-term thinking is not part of our philosophy.

We have done that in the past and achieved much success for our reference partners. We are a leader in the Entry Standard sector of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. By working with the FIB Management AG (acting in Germany as a tied agent of flatex Bank AG acc. § 2 para. 10 KWG), which founded our representative BankM, we received the AA Performance Rating for Designated Sponsors of the Deutsche Börse AG.


Emission processing

  • Admissions and securitisation process
  • Listing
  • Technical management
  • Coordination of the subscription process


  • Paying agent services
  • Connection to CBF and the SIX SIS
  • Processing of corporate actions

Clearing Customer